jamie green



Jamie Green is a Manchester based Artist and at the age of 29 has been recognized by a variety of galleries for his unusual style and creativity. Jamie sees opportunity where others see waste, diving into skips and scrap piles to seek out discarded and forgotten objects and turns them into something beautiful; turning old wood, metal, concrete and slate into works of art. Once Jamie discovers an item that speaks to him, a relationship is formed and a process unique to the object begins. Surface and texture is hugely important and the various materials that he comes across will often fuel his creativity and allow him to attempt challenging and various techniques.

Since building a collection away from the more traditional world of canvas, Jamie has been on journey of experimentation. The development truly began when he picked up a screwdriver and scratched into the first of what became a series of wooden doors. This technique has since developed into the intricate carvings which you can see throughout Artisan Bar and Restaurant Manchester. As well as manipulating the raw surface with carving and paint, Jamie frequently burns, deconstructs and concretes over his subject. These damaging and destructive approaches have become the very essence of his creation.

His work often deals with themes of life, ageing, transformation, constant change and reinvention. Jamie's recent works are a showcase of styles and techniques that set him apart from other artists. You may have already seen or met Jamie at work in Artisan a popular Bar and Restaurant in Spinningfields Manchester. He enjoys the pressure of creating something live and welcomes and comments or questions.

If you would like any further information about any of the artwork on display, commissions or future project please contact Jamie on -    jamiegreenart@gmail.com or 07968257975 
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